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Why the trucking skills shortage is a ticking time bomb

Why the trucking skills shortage is a ticking time bomb

The labour shortage in the trucking industry is a ticking time bomb, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA). And the only way to tackle that problem is by changing public perception of logistics and overhauling recruitment strategies.

Research by Talent in Logistics revealed that just 8% of young people see the industry as an attractive option and 42% were not even sure what logistics is.

The FTA says businesses estimate 15% of their current HGV driver vacancies will go unfilled.

The Talent in Logistics research also found 26% of young people do not think gender diversity exists in the sector and only 18% had been spoken to at school or sixth form about logistics as a career path.

Sally Gilson, FTA’s head of skills said: “Attracting younger generations into the workforce is vital to help tackle the labour shortage, but with just 8% of people aged between 11-20 years old drawn to a career in logistics, it is clear we need to change the perception of the industry and alter recruitment strategies.”

How are we going to keep the trucking industry moving when young people don’t even know what logistics is?

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  1. Their is no driver shortage with over 200,000 drivers inactive with no CPC who have decide to leave the industry due to poor pay and conditions which employers won’t address and just keep burying their heads in the sand. Company’s have relied on immigration to fill vacancies but have not addressed the route causes of retention and recruitment of drivers.


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