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Why this trucker is running for Congress

Why this trucker is running for Congress

Joshua Collins, a 25-year-old truck driver in the States, has been driving for five years with his wife. He also happens to be running in the Democratic primary election in Washington and believes drivers’ conditions are what led him to do so.

In an interview with FleetOwner, here’s what Collins had to say.

“When it comes to truck drivers, I think the needs of the actual drivers should be put above the needs of the corporations and industry stakeholders.”

He continues: “We tend to focus on the financial investments of very wealthy people in businesses. But we don’t talk about the physical, emotional and stress on one’s body that a person invests into the work that they do.

He points out that driving a truck is not the healthiest job in the world due mainly to the long working hours. “In an ideal situation, you would have drivers working 40 or 50 hours a week, less if possible, while still making a decent middle-class wage.”

“In my opinion, you should be able to make a decent wage without having to drive 70 hours per week.”

We hear you, Josh. It seems the same problems affect the trucking industry wherever you are in the world.

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