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Will self-driving tech make truck driving more fun

Will self-driving tech make truck driving more fun

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If you mention self-driving technology in truck driving circles, you do so at your own risk.

Autonomous vehicles are seen by many as a threat to truckers’ jobs. However, not everyone shares that opinion.

One person who disagrees is Brian Fielkow, CEO of freight brokerage company Jetco Delivery. According to Fielkow: “In my mind, the biggest asset that technology is going to bring is that it’s going to attract drivers back into the trucks.

Citing technology such as automatic braking, roll stability, speed management and ergonomics, he goes as far as saying this tech is “going to make truck-driving fun again.”

Hmm. That sounds like a slogan used by Mr Trump not so long ago…

But I digress.

Fielkow also believes that the culture of truck driving needs to change to give the industry a new lease of life. “It’s time that we as a society regain our respect for the professional men and women that deliver everything that we own.”

He also highlights the need for better pay and conditions for drivers.

He’s absolutely right. Get the basics sorted and then start thinking about self-driving tech.

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