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Will we recognise the trucking industry in a decade?

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Trucking, like many industries, has been changing for some time.

The industry has grown considerably over the years. And even now, in the face of something as overwhelming as the coronavirus pandemic, the industry has had to do what it always does: keep on trucking.

Trucking manufacturers are still churning out the vehicles. Perhaps not quite on the scale predicted, but with plenty of electric-powered and alternative fuelled vehicles being shipped around the world.

The trucking industry is pretty sizable already, but when you add the delivery expectations of the ‘final mile’ and driverless trucks being trailed more widely, it’s hard to imagine how the trucking industry will look in ten years’ time.

But let’s have a go anyway…


The pace at which truck manufacturers are producing electric vehicles is really gaining momentum. And as the numbers go up, the price of batteries is coming down. With more cities across Europe passing strict vehicle emissions regulations, private and public fleets are taking the plunge and going electric. Over the coming decade, as long as charging infrastructure improves, we should expect more of the same with diesel making way for electric.

Autonomous vehicles

The future of autonomous trucks has progressed as many predicted it would. Although, the same cannot be said for autonomous passenger vehicles (with the ongoing concerns surrounding safety). Remote operation trucking solutions are becoming more widely used and we’re seeing an increasing number of pilot schemes across Europe involving driverless trucks. The thing to watch over the next ten years is how many new players come onto the scene and make a significant impact. So far, the investment has been focused on the main players.

Sharing economy

The sharing economy is having an increasing impact on the world of trucking. As digital freight services make the most of available capacity we are seeing increased revenue per truck and reduced freight costs per ton.

Over the next ten years, a whole range of technologies will continue to disrupt the status quo and force fleet operators and truck makers to embrace new solutions.

I’ll admit, this is a pretty positive take on what the future holds for the trucking industry. How do you see the next decade panning out?

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