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Yoga in a truck – it might not be as bonkers as it sounds

Yoga in a truck – it might not be as bonkers as it sounds

A quick Google search reveals you can do yoga anywhere – on mountains, paddle boards, or the beach. The online images show sunshine, tanned bodies and an all-round, zen-like atmosphere.

But back in the real world…

It’s hard enough finding time to exercise, let alone finding an idyllic, sunny spot to do so.

Doing yoga in a truck might not make it onto the lists of inspirational yoga hotspots, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Driving a truck can take its toll on the body, so staying healthy has become more of a priority for many drivers in recent years. Drivers who have tried yoga say the physical and mental benefits help them stay healthy, more supple and less stressed.

As well as stretches and poses to help strengthen the spine and muscles, the deep breathing used in yoga can also help drivers avoid hypertension.

One company, Mother Trucker Yoga, has created fitness and wellbeing solutions purely with truckers in mind. An assortment of 3-5 minute videos pinpoint the aches and pains that come with being behind a wheel for long periods of time. And you don’t need a mat to do them.

I can’t imagine many truckers have considered yoga, but a lot of the yoga poses aren’t much different to the stretching techniques you might find yourself doing at the end of a long drive. Yoga just gives you a helping hand.

Would you consider yoga to improve your wellbeing?

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