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Your personal guide to third-party vehicle insurance

third-party vehicle insurance

Third-party vehicle insurance is the lowest grade of cover you can take out for your vehicle. This policy covers you in times of damaging any third-party property while operating. Including your passengers and the load carried while sustaining any injury in the incident.

Although, the introductory vehicle insurance coverage does not ensure your vehicle’s safety against theft or damage.

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What are other car insurance options available?

Respectively, there are three levels of vehicle insurance available, including:

Primary Third-party vehicle insurance

As we’ve explained above, third-party vehicle insurance is the primary level of cover to ensure third parties (passengers included) in the event of a hazard.

Third-party, fire, and theft insurance

Third-party, fire, and theft are the next level of vehicle insurance. Additionally to the primary insurance above, this insurance covers you against vehicle damage due to attempted theft and fire.

Comprehensive insurance cover

The comprehensive insurance cover is a driver’s highest vehicle insurance level. Covering a driver from their own vehicle damage or theft above a third party also ensures to cover all the sustained injuries in case of an accident.

Standard Policy Add-ons

Most insurers offer you the choice to add extras to your car insurance policy to create the most appropriate package. Differs with each insurer; some offer extra cover as a standard option under a comprehensive policy, while some offer you as an additional option.

Standard policy add-ons contain:

Legal Cover

It covers any legal expenditures after an accident (an accident must not be your fault) and allows you to claim back the casualties from a person who caused the accident.

Vehicle Replacement Guarantee

Subjected to the given conditions, this cover ensures you with an alternate vehicle while your vehicle is under repair or has been registered off.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown covers are usually essential if your vehicle breaks down while operating on the road. This cover typically ensures the costs of roadside vehicle recovery.

Personal Accident Cover

A personal accident cover is used to payout a cash benefit as a gesture of appreciation to support the driver and their family who’ve sustained any injuries in the accident (Cover benefits vary vastly subject to the injuries sustained).

Please keep in mind: Add-on policies vastly depend upon your insurer.

Which car insurance policy should I choose?

Depending on your personal requirements, it’s a choice every driver has to make while choosing a cover for convenience.

We suggest you know your conveniences before choosing the type of cover you think you need.

If your vehicle has a low market value and has obtained cheap repair rates, then choosing third-party insurance is the right choice. However, this level of cover may not be suited for a consistent driver with a higher-class and built vehicle.

The most common question asked regarding the type of cover is whether third-party insurance is more affordable than comprehensive. Since the third party offers the least benefits, it’s expected to be more affordable. But, depending on your personal needs and driving patterns, you can choose what’s suitable for you.

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